14.–16.09.2018 – Founding Meeting of the Open Dialogue Trainers Network

  • Open Dialogue trainers network invitation (pdf)

    Founding Meeting of the Open Dialogue Trainers Network
    Helsinki, Finland
    14th–16th of September 2018

    Our first meeting will start on Friday 14th at 5pm and finish on the afternoon of Sunday the 16th of September 2018.

    Venue: Helsinki, Finland on the location of Dialogic partners, Upseerinkatu 1-3, 02600 Espoo

    Target group: For all interested in developing training for open dialogues and dialogical practices.

    We are happy to invite you all to the first founding meeting for creating a worldwide network of trainers in Open Dialogues. An international boom for Open Dialogue and dialogical practices has led to the creation of initiatives in many countries for developing more human mental health services in the most severe crises. To support this development there is an urgent need for clinicians with sufficient experience of the new practice and have qualified for being in charge of training programs.

    This process is going on already as the first Open Dialogue trainers training program was completed in London last December as a part of the ongoing three-year Open Dialogue clinicians training by the Open Dialogue UK Institute (http://open-dialogue.net/). Another class of trainers are taking the two-year program in Helsinki and will be graduating next September (http://www.dialogic.fi/in-english/). This is a good start of the process for supporting both three-year psychotherapy training programs for dialogical practices and shorter-term foundation training programs. In addition to these programs there are several clinicians all over the world involved in contributing training on different levels.

    To support this development, the meeting in Helsinki is an essential starting point to create a network for clinicians who have or are planning to take initiatives to be in charge of the training programs. We invite all interested in developing training for open dialogues to join and share your experiences. The program of the meeting will focus on sharing experiences about the training programs that have been completed, discussing different educational methods for best learning and planning the future co-operation. In the meeting we will also exchange ideas on how to combine research with the training and developmental projects. The meeting will be open and dialogical, and we will co-create the program together as part of the meeting, but if you have something you would like to present or have ideas for workshops or thematic sessions, please let us know.

    In order to help us get to know each other we are asking that each participant write a short (100-150words) description of yourself and your involvement with OD; your place of work, background, training and experience with Open Dialogue. Please send these to Mark with your registration and he will collate the into a single document and email it to all participants prior to the meeting.

    Please register for the meeting before 15 th of June 2018 to [email protected]. Please include a description of yourself and any ideas for the program.

    Best regards
    Jaakko Seikkula

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