03.05.2017 London \\ Windhorse and Basic Attendance Workshop

  • A One Day Introduction with Anne Marie DiGiacomo

    The Practice of Basic Attendance

    The ground of the Windhorse approach is one of viewing a person from the perspective of their history of sanity. This involves bringing awareness to a person’s basic sanity and health as opposed to focusing on the notion of pathology. It is from this experience of noticing one’s history of sanity and our natural tendency to be drawn to the intrinsic wholeness and health of a person that the practice of basic attendance springs.

    The view of basic attendance suggests that rather than doing something we could simply slow down and begin to appreciate and understand the world of the person we are with. We can allow ourselves to see the world through their eyes. This kind of approach involves being fully with someone, listening to them and appreciating the wholeness and integrity of that person and their environment. Any activity or actions comes out of that naturally.

    In this workshop we will explore the Windhorse model and how that specifically manifests in the practice of Basic Attendance. We will also engage in Basic Attendance shifts as a way for participants to fully experience what it’s like to be the attender as well as being the attendee.

    There will be opportunities for discussion and sharing of people’s direct experience of basic attendance.

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